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Topps Lothar Matthäus Platinum Curated Set

Topps Lothar Matthäus Platinum Curated Set

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Topps Lothar Matthäus Platinum Curated Set
Topps celebrates 60 years of the Bundesliga with the Lothar Matthäus Platinum Curated Set.
Topps met with German soccer legend Lothar Matthäus to create a very special card set to celebrate the Bundesliga's 60th anniversary. Lothar Matthäus gave us his opinion on legendary players, current stars and emerging talents as well as his personal highlights from his career.
With exclusive quotes, exciting dual cars and a unique vintage design, this is the perfect set to celebrate the career of a German legend and the legacy of one of the biggest leagues in Europe.
The cards were designed with the collaboration of Lothar Matthäus: Bundesliga legends, new generation, stars of today, dual cars, career highlights.
The Platinum Curated Set consists entirely of foil cards, includes exclusive quotes, a guaranteed autograph card and 2 numbered parallels.
Look out for Lothar Matthäus' autograph cards, which you might be lucky enough to find*.
- 70 card base set.
- 6 packs of 5 cards per box (30 cards in total).
- 1 autograph card.
- 2 numbered parallels per box.
*The Matthäus autographs are a mix of OnCard autographs and sticker autographs.
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